Have a MEATingful Monday!
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MEATingful Mondays

Beef themed T-shirts just $10 ea.
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MEATingful Mondays

Pork themed T-shirts just $10 ea.
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In response to Meatless Mondays, we present an alternative.
Here's to a MEATingful Monday, ya'll!


We know we’re preaching to the choir here because folks who hate the beef industry probably won't be visiting this site. But let’s go on record by saying that we not only believe beef is healthy and nutritious, but it’s backed up by scientific research.

We not only believe beef is healthy and nutritious, but it’s backed up by scientific research.

We don't think it’s an all or nothing world; everything in moderation creates a healthy diet. And for those who do not eat beef because they think ranchers don't properly care for their animals or that cattle are too taxing on our environment, think about this: the ranchers we know love the cattle they raise as much as they love the beef they eat. Most would rather spend time with their cows than their family (well, almost). Some of us have cows that are our companions whom we know by name. Our children have cows that they show at the county fair and if protestors weren't busy creating havoc at our fairs, they’d know just how special and character-building that bond is between student and animal.

But we also raise cattle for a living; we know that such animals are part of the food chain. They are treated with just as much care, but they go on to make contributions like feeding part of the earth’s population. We are very passionate about feeding people, and as part of a successful plan moving forward in a global economy, living in a country that can produce its own food should be very important as well.

So let me recap:

  • We believe beef is part of a healthy diet. Moderation is the key, all veggie and no meat, makes for a boring plate.
  • We care for our animals. Why else would we get up at all hours of the morning to check the cows.
  • We protect the environment. There is nothing wrong with a little dirt and some wide open spaces. Come on out to the farm any day and see how the other half live.
  • We are a successful component in feeding a growing global market. Will you know how to feed yourself when food prices double or triple because we've run all the farmers and ranchers out of this country and you have to rely on an unsafe, foreign food supply? We suggest making a farmer your new best friend.

Have a Meatingful Monday,


Erin Freel, - 5th generation cattle producer
Erin is also owner of The Market Place, an agricultural marketing and communications firm (www.TMPstyle.com)
She resides in Weirsdale Florida, and can be reached by email.

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